if it knits, i fits

Cold weather accessories are pretty much the best accessories. Boot socks and beanies and mittens, oh my! When trying to figure out what to buy sisters-in-law, the co-worker you drew in Secret Santa, or a girl you recently became really close to in your Biology class, look no further than the knitted, furry, leather, and lace accessories that accompany the winter months. 


Ever since Pinterest came along, girls have been searching high and low for the elusive boot sock. Such solutions as the sweater-cuff-as-pretend-top-of-sock have made their way into popular blog DIYs, but the gift of warm feet cannot be beat. I like mine pattered and with ruffles, please!

gloves + mittens
Just because it's cold outside (somewhere...certainly not here in Austin), doesn't mean squeezing into your little brother's mittens or diving into your dad's big leather gloves. You deserve something of your own! Gloves with studs, two-way mittens with bows, and tech-savvy fingertips are just waiting to be added to your cart and shipped right into the pockets of your pea coat. 

For those of us with sensitive ears, there are trendy ways to block out the wind. Whomever said fashion and function were mutually exclusive never met the knitted headwrap. Even earmuffs have stepped up their style game and you can listen to your iPod through them too.

**When shopping for your knitted needs this season, don't forget to hit up A Girl Named Leney on Etsy. She's the sweetest blogger and her knit-wear is to die for. (Plus, how cute are the little knit creatures in her shop!?)

What are your favorite winter accessories?

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